Linux for Dummies, 10th Edition

for Dummies, 2020

by Richard Blum


Your step-by-step guide to the latest in Linux

Nine previous editions of this popular benchmark guide can’t be wrong! Whether you’re new to Linux and need a step-by-step guide or are a pro who wants to catch up with recent distributions, Linux For Dummies, 10th Edition has your back. Covering everything from installation to automation, this updated edition focuses on openSUSE and Ubuntu and includes new and refreshed material—as well as chapters on building a web server and creating simple shell scripts.

In his friendly, no-jargon style, IT professional and tech higher education instructor Richard Blum draws on more than 10 years of teaching to show you just why Linux’s open source operating systems are relied on to run a huge proportion of the world’s online infrastructure, servers, supercomputers, and NAS devices—and how you can master them too.

Study the thinking behind Linux
Choose the right installation approach
Pick up the basics—from prepping to desktops
Get fancy with music, video, movies, and games
Whatever your Linux needs—work, fun, or just a hobby—this bestselling, evergreen guide will get you up and coding in the open source revolution in no time at all.

Table of Contents

Part I - Getting Your Feet Wet
Chapter 1 - Getting Acquainted with Linux
Chapter 2 - Prepping Your Computer for Linux
Chapter 3 - Installing Linux
Chapter 4 - Examining the GNOME Desktop
Chapter 5 - Examining the KDE Plasma Desktop
Chapter 6 - Exploring Alternative Desktops

Part II - Getting up to Speed with Linux
Chapter 7 - Getting to Know the Linux Filesystem
Chapter 8 - Using the Filesystem
Chapter 9 - Connecting to the Internet

Part III - Getting Things Done
Chapter 10 - Using the Internet
Chapter 11 - Putting the X in Text
Chapter 12 - Word Processing and More with LibreOffice
Chapter 13 - Messing with Audio
Chapter 14 - Messing with Video and Graphics

Part IV - Junior Administrator Boot Camp
Chapter 15 - Adding Software to Linux
Chapter 16 - Working without the GUI
Chapter 17 - Basic System Administration
Chapter 18 - A Secure Linux Box is a Happy Linux Box
Chapter 19 - Automating your World
Chapter 20 - Living in a Virtual World

Part V - The Parts of Tens
Chapter 21 - Ten Steps to Running a Linux Web Server
Chapter 22 - Ten Troubleshooting Tips

Appendix A - Common Linux Commands
Appendix B - Linux Installation Methods


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