My PHP book is finally available!

posted on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 - 2:03am

I've been teaching online PHP courses for over 10 years, and one thing I've always wanted to do is publish a book on PHP programming. Thanks to Steve Hayes at For Dummies I finally got that opportunity! The PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript All-in-One for Dummies book is finally complete and published. It walks the reader through the basics of web page design, then covers the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 coding to create your website. Next it dives into the world of JavaScript, showing how to create dynamic web pages using both JavaScript and the popular jQuery library. After that the book turns its focus to PHP coding, covering all of the basics of PHP version 7, and how to use PHP to create a dynamic server-side web application. Next up is a full discussion on the MySQL database, and of course, how to use it in your PHP programs. The last two minibooks in the book are my favorites. For those who've taken my online PHP courses, these two minibook pick up where my courses left off. They cover how to create object-oriented PHP web applications, and how to create a PHP web application using the popular CakePHP framework package. I hope everyone enjoys the book, and that it helps expand your PHP and JavaScript skills!

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